Mallinak Designs

We specialize in Custom hand made jewelry in any form and function. Estate Restoration, Art Deco, Contemporary, Traditional, Modern and Eclectic styles are our specialty(aka. we make anything). Redesigning old or outdated jewelry is our specialty. Jewelry from a Divorce can be reused and redesigned or just Credited towards a new beautiful piece of art.

Our staff is professional and we have the knowledge to help with all of your jewelry needs. Everything from ear piercing to custom ordering of high end designer watches are here.

Diamond consultation, appraisals and ordering are geared for the most detail orientated consumers. We make what you want. A bold statement but we are not here to push our clients into unwanted or overpriced products. Just spend a few minutes with our staff and you will see that pushy sales personnel are NOT here. We make the jewelry on the premises in our Studio.

Frank has been a Jewelry manufacturer for Turgeon & Raine Jewelers in Seattle (7 yrs), Fabri Jewelers in Bellevue (2 yrs), The Wayward Son Jewelers in Langley (current) and he continues to manufacture/repair jewelry for a nationally well known trade named jewelry store in Bellevue(legally canít use the name but you know who).

Frank Mallinak 30+ years experience Master Jeweler/Setter/Goldsmith